3 June 2015

Buying Our First Home

Sorry for going a bit quiet on here but I have a genuine excuse...we finally have the house!! The past few weeks have been a little stressful getting all the paperwork finalised and getting the formalities out the way, but it was worth it as it is now OURS!

We got the keys last Friday and the short drive from the estate agents to the house was so nerve racking as we were both excited and petrified at the same time. We've been saving for years and the moment we dreamt of was finally happening. Buying your first home is a big deal! 

Once we were in it felt so weird. As I mentioned before the needs house renovating. The windows, kitchen and bathroom need replacing, the flooring needs redoing and then a big overhaul of decorating etc. Because of all this I don't think it will begin to feel homely or welcoming until we start putting our stamp on it.

From this picture the kitchen doesn't look awful but i'm telling you it was bad!!
We worked all weekend getting the house back to its 'bare bones' so to speak. The kitchen has been ripped out, the broken laminate and brown carpets are up and we've started to take the bathroom out too. 

Rooms are becoming more neutral which I love! Now to get on with paint stripping, hole filling and sanding.

I'll be back soon with a few inspiration posts and lots more pictures to share!

Gemma x


  1. Congrats =]


  2. congrats you two!!!!! i'm sure you will have lots of fun making it your own!!!

    xoxo, cindy

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  4. As you have written in your blog this is your first home. I can understand that how you are enjoying in your home with beautiful Home Design.


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