21 November 2015

5 Festive Things To Do This Weekend

As Christmas is approaching fast, it's time to start feeling festive. Here are 5 festive things that I will be doing this weekend:

1. Go for a walk -  I love to bundle up in a big jacket and scarf and go for a walk with family in the run up to festivities. We have a good laugh and plan what we are doing over the festive period (like which Panto we are going to see - Yay!). It's so good to get some fresh air and blow the cobwebs away after a long working week.

2. Have a hot chocolate - This is perfect after a nice walk (See number 1). I only ever drink hot chocolate at this time of year so I make sure I get my quota when the temperature drops! Find somewhere warm and cosy and RELAX!

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3. Go to a Garden Centre - Now I am almost 25 but I do love a good Garden Centre at this time of year. I always let out a little squeal when I see the fantastic Christmas displays they put on. Everything is colour/style co-ordinated which makes decoration shopping so much easier if you have a colour scheme in mind. Plus there are always a great selection of foodie/stocking presents to look at.

4. Buy a Christmas Jumper - Give in to the cheesiness and buy one before they sell out. Last year I left it quite late and all the good ones had gone. I have my eye on a fair few this year, some are actually quite nice. I desperately want the one from Fat Face.

Gingerbread Jumper / Fairisle Jumper / Kiss Me It's Christmas Jumper

5. Have a movie night - We always watch more films over the festive period. Why not have a buffet style dinner (I'm thinking cheeses, crackers, chutneys, fruit, sausage rolls etc) in front of the TV with lots of blankets and thick socks. I usually end up falling asleep half way through films because i'm just so snuggly and warm. Zzzz!

What are you doing this weekend? What do you do to get you in the festive spirit?

Gemma x


  1. Some great things to do here sweetie. Today I'm taking things easy, catching up on blog posts and keeping snug and cosy (although I have got brave the cold to pop to our local high street to run a few errands) I may possibly make a start on writing out my Christmas cards this evening. Then tomorrow I'm off to the ICHF Christmas show at Excel, really looking forward to that. Have a great weekend my lovely.
    Love Gem x x

    1. Sounds like a lovely weekend Gem! That's very organised, I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet Xx

  2. oh this has got me all excited, we are going to treat ourselves to Chrismas jumpers this year :)

    1. Ooh have fun! I love so many of them this year x

  3. Hot chocolate is essential at this time of the year! Especially now when there's snow on the ground, I love to treat myself with a small - or a huge one actually... - cup of hot chocolate :)x

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