13 December 2015

Gift Guide For Geeks - 2015

Everyone has at least one family member or friend who is a total geek. You know, the complete know it alls who love a good riddle or who knows so many random facts. For me this is the Ian my fiancée and my uncle. Buying them presents is sometimes difficult (I find buying for men pretty hard), but when getting something to keep their clever minds busy there are so many fun options.

1. Addict-a-ball 3D Maze (£6) - Fun for all the family and will keep you pre-occupied for hours until you've conquer it!

2. Mensa puzzles (£12) - I usually buy these little puzzles as stocking gifts for everyone. They are so addicting to do, especially when your nan can easily separate the metal puzzle and you are still struggling half an hour later....lol!

3. Cooking for Geeks*(£18.02) - This is one of those books that you can dip in & out of. It teaches science through cooking, explores things like the science behind food and why we cook food the way we do. It's so insightful, I can definitely see this book being passed around on christmas day for everyone to have nose. I love to bake & cook so i'm looking forward to finding out how to create the perfect crispy and chewy cookie! Ian picked this up yesterday and just couldn't put it down. I'm hoping with his new found knowledge he will be cooking up a storm!

4. Tetris mug (£8) - When cold this Tetris mug shows an early stage of game, when filled with a hot drink it magically changes to show the game 'heating up'.

5. Virtual reality headset (£19.99) - This will definitely be a hit on Christmas day. With so many virtual reality apps available, this headset can change your phone screen into a whole new world. With lots of games to play or even to give a new perspective on your favourite film, this is sure to be popular.

6. Wind Powered Car (£6.50) - Created by Guinness World Records, this little model set challenges you to make a wind propelled car. Spend hours trying to perfect your model and break some records!

Gemma x

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