28 August 2015

Kitchen Progress

Nearly a 2 month break from blogging! It wasn't intentional. Our lives have literally been consumed by the house renovation. Our week days are spent at work, going on to the house in the evening to do an hour or so of work there. The weekends are half spent working at the house or going to DIY stores. It is a lot of hard work but it will pay off in the end!

The kitchen is one of the rooms that is nearly complete and we are so happy with it! The room was just not to our taste before with dark green kitchen cupboards, a dark green boiler, funky wall tiles and broken laminate flooring (plus the smell of it was just revolting). 

We literally gutted the place and after some new windows, some fresh air, getting a new boiler put into the garage and a good lick of paint the room was ready for a new kitchen.

The kitchen came all pre-built but Ian spent hours getting it all positioned, level and with the doors on. He's really worked so hard getting it to where it is. 

We both wanted a light and airy kitchen and we are on our way to achieving just that. 

We had the work tops put in last weekend and it makes all the difference. It is finally starting to feel like a real kitchen! All the electrics need to be connected and the tiling and flooring are yet to be done but we are almost there! I'm looking forward to having friends and family over soon enough and cooking/baking up a storm. 

Once there is more progress in the kitchen I will share another update.

We are starting on the bathroom renovations this weekend. Once the bathroom is usable we will be moving in finally!! 

Happy long weekend : )

Gemma x


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