15 March 2016

Hot Cross Buns With Bacon - Easter Breakfast

Sainsbury's have stepped up their Little Twists campaign for Easter. If you didn't know already, 'Little Twists' are about adding small ingredients that can have a big impact on day to day meals, making old favourites exciting to eat again. 

One of Sainsbury's Easter Little Twist suggestions that really got me intrigued was a Hot Cross Bacon Butty. I love Hot Cross buns and of course the odd bacon sandwich but could the two really go together? 

Last Sunday morning Ian & I put this unusual combination to the test and we loved it! The sweet and salty flavours really compliment each other. It's definitely something we will be serving to family at breakfast this Easter, hopefully they will like it as much as we did.

Some of the other recipes from Sainsbury's Little Easter Twists are Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Roasted Lamb cooked with Ginger Beer. The lamb is next on our list!

Have you tried any of Sainsbury's Little Twists? Would you try a Hot Cross Bacon butty? You can find more about the yummy combination here.

Gemma xXx

N:B - This is a collaboration post with Sainsbury's. All always all opinions are my own.

10 March 2016

Life Lately - March 2016

Valentines flowers from my sweetheart

As it's been a while I thought i'd do a little catch up post of sorts. I can't believe it is almost mid-March. On one hand I am so grateful that we are almost at the end of the winter darkness. Leaving work in the dark has been horrible, but each day it is slowly getting better. I'm looking forward to seeing the sun setting as we pass the fields on future drives home. So dreamy! 

On the other hand I just want time to slooow down. We have 204 days until we get married and although that seems a lot, I know it will just fly by. There is still a lot to be done, i'm hoping to get organised so that the last few months before the big day will be enjoyable and not stressful. 

Love buying this Tulip selection. Perfect colours : )
We are really enjoying living in our house. For those who are fairly new around here, we moved into our first house last December. It's been so nice to have our own space, to cook what we want when we want and to just enjoy it finally after years of saving hard for it. There have been lots of cosy evenings with yummy food, candles & fairy lights and a TV marathon or two (We started watching Luther...so good!). The house isn't completely decorated yet but we are slowly getting there.

We love candles!

Cosy nights in
We are hoping to get started in the garden this month. There isn't much going on out there at the moment, I potted some Tulip bulbs in planters back in the Autumn which should be coming up soon but that's about it.  I'm envisioning some flower beds, a new lawn and hopefully a new patio. Some of it may have to wait till next year but we will definitely be planting flowers this year.

So that's pretty much all our news. With Easter just around the corner I'm itching to get the decorations out and start baking. As i'm *trying* to eat well I'm just going to have to make sure I share with the family!

Gemma x


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