15 March 2016

Hot Cross Buns With Bacon - Easter Breakfast

Sainsbury's have stepped up their Little Twists campaign for Easter. If you didn't know already, 'Little Twists' are about adding small ingredients that can have a big impact on day to day meals, making old favourites exciting to eat again. 

One of Sainsbury's Easter Little Twist suggestions that really got me intrigued was a Hot Cross Bacon Butty. I love Hot Cross buns and of course the odd bacon sandwich but could the two really go together? 

Last Sunday morning Ian & I put this unusual combination to the test and we loved it! The sweet and salty flavours really compliment each other. It's definitely something we will be serving to family at breakfast this Easter, hopefully they will like it as much as we did.

Some of the other recipes from Sainsbury's Little Easter Twists are Eggs Benedict with Avocado and Roasted Lamb cooked with Ginger Beer. The lamb is next on our list!

Have you tried any of Sainsbury's Little Twists? Would you try a Hot Cross Bacon butty? You can find more about the yummy combination here.

Gemma xXx

N:B - This is a collaboration post with Sainsbury's. All always all opinions are my own.


  1. No way, I'm not the biggest hot cross bun fan as I hate raisins and currants but this I have got to try.
    Hope you are keeping well my lovely x x


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