7 April 2016

Our First Easter at Home

Although Easter was a couple of weeks back I thought I'd share a few pictures of our decorations. It was our first Easter in our house so it felt great to decorate with the bits and pieces I had been buying over the years. 

We had family staying with us over the long weekend which was nice. The weather was pretty pants but we managed to fit in a blustery walk. Apart from that we enjoyed a meal out, lots of chocolate and my epic Easter cake. It was so big that the lid didn't fit on my our cake stand! It went down very well and i'm hoping to make it a new Easter tradition.

Inside was a chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Outside is a vanilla cream cheese frosting with chocolate buttons, On top is a huge cornflake nest filled with Galaxy golden eggs and mini bunnys. It was sooo good!

Now Easter has come and gone we are left with an abundance of chocolate. Literally soo much chocolate! I wouldn't normally complain but I am trying to be good, the temptation is too much. I think some cream egg brownies will be made soon to share everyone.

Gemma x


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