23 June 2016

A Night Away In Stratford Upon Avon

This past weekend Ian & I had our long awaited engagement photos taken. It's something i've wanted to do for ages, so saw it was a chance to get to know our photographer before our big day in October. We ended up choosing Stratford Upon Avon as our shoot location, staying in a hotel for one night. With its cute cobbled streets, historic buildings and lots of green along the River Avon it seemed like a perfect place.

We hired a little rowing boat, did lots of smiling, kissing and walking hand in hand. It was probably the most public display of affection we've ever had..HA! I really can't wait to see the pictures in a few weeks time.

After we were finished we were desperate for a cold drink so headed to a pub, then onto Pizza Express (my first time there!) for pizza, then back to the hotel for a big glass of wine :)

The next day we had a yummy hotel breakfast, headed out to do a little shopping and then it was time to get back home to reality.

It was so nice just to have a little romantic break for 24 hours...roll on the next one!

Gemma xXx


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