6 November 2016

Enjoying Autumn

Autumn is 100% my favourite time of year. The colours everywhere in nature are just beautiful, home feels more snug and it's just that little bit closer to Christmas :) I always expected to have terrible 'post-wedding blues' but the Autumn cosiness has seriously helped to beat that. Feeling cosy with my husband *so weird saying that* on chilly evenings with our bellies full of comforting food has felt amazing.

The past month has been filled with LOTS of pumpkins. We found a farm near work that grows 100's of them, all different shapes and sizes. The munchkin ones are just so cute, I could of bought so many of them.

We had a pumpkin carving competition in the family before Halloween. So much fun! We had a quiet Halloween with just one knock at the door...we didn't mind too much though as we scoffed the chocolates to ourselves!

Another thing i've enjoyed is bubble baths! It is so cold out now that a hot bath is heaven. This bubble bar from Lush is a new favourite of mine, it made the bathroom smell like a Spa. I only bought one so will be stocking up with a few next year.

Have you been enjoying Autumn so far? What's your favourite thing about it? 

Gemma xXx

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