12 July 2016

Chicken and Aubergine Summer Salad

This week I've teamed up with Sainsburys to help try and inspire the nation to be creative with vegetables. I've made a yummy summer salad which is perfect for mid week dinners as well as when entertaining friends. It's jam packed with seasonal vegetables, full of colour and flavour! I love vegetables but the baby corn in this is my favourite as its so sweet and crunchy.

You will need:

- Mini Chicken breast
- Aubergine
- Courgette
- Red Onion
- Cherry Tomatoes
- Low fat Halloumi 
- Clove of Garlic
- Baby Sweetcorn
- New Potatoes (cooked in the microwave for 8 minutes to give it a head start)
- Salad Leaves
- Dried Oregano
- Olive Oil
- Salt & Pepper
- Balsamic Glaze (optional)


Making this is so easy as you simply chop it all up and roast together in one big roasting tin. I chopped up my veg and tossed it with oregano, salt, pepper and a little olive oil and roasted at 200c for 20 minutes with the chicken breast (turning after 10 minutes). Chop your halloumi into cubes and add to the vegetables, cooking on for an extra 10 minutes until everything has a beautiful char.

Serve on a bed of salad leaves and drizzle with some balsamic vinegar glaze to give it an extra special touch!

I really love this dinner as it is full of summer flavours and reasonably quick and healthy.

Gemma xXx

N:B - I was sent a Sainsburys voucher to buy my ingredients. As always all opinions are my own.


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