15 January 2017

Beating The Winter Blues

Although New Year optimism is still lingering, it’s easy to feel the winter blues in January. From the lack of Christmas cheer to the dreary weather and especially going to & from work in the dark, it can all be a bit depressing. Here are a few things we try to do to conquer the winter blues...

Binge watching a favourite show

We love a good TV series and enjoy binge watching a few episodes in the evenings. We’ve occasionally had a cheeky early night just to snuggle in bed and watch our favourite show. We don’t have the best TV in our room, so Ian is using this as an excuse to buy a new TV. With his birthday coming up, he’s got his eye on the Ultra HD TV Panasonic. We’ll have to wait and see how lucky he is ; )

A Candle lit bath

Sometimes there is nothing better than a hot bubble bath when it’s cold and wet out. I like to light a few candles, find some spa type music and just RELAX. One of my favourite candles at the moment is from The White Company SPA range. The smell really reminds me of our mini moon spa break back in October. If you don’t have a bath then even a candle lit shower is relaxing.

Feel good food

We are trying to eat a bit better after all the indulgence of Christmas, so are trying out some new recipes. The Lean In 15 cook book has been a huge inspiration. The meals are far from diet food, they are hearty and nutritious and definitely have the feel good factor! Have you tried any of the recipes before?

Winter walks

If we are lucky enough to have a dry weekend, we bundle up and head out for a long refreshing walk. I find that I am instantly cheered and refreshed, the chilly air just blows all the cobwebs away. A visit to the pub with an open fire doesn’t go amiss either!

Buy fresh flowers

There is nothing like fresh flowers in your home to brighten up your day and remind you that Spring time is just around the corner. Creams, pinks and fresh greens are my absolute favourite!

It's absolutely freezing outside. I'm so ready for the warmer longer days but will make the most of these cosy nights a little bit longer while they are still around.

Gemma xXx

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