6 January 2017

Our Christmas - 2016

-Christmas Eve Drinks-

Hello & Happy New Year!

Did you have a lovely Christmas? We had a magical time, especially as it was our first as husband & wife! It is our favourite time of year so we try to take a few extra days off of work to make the most of it. As it’s my birthday on Christmas eve eve (AKA the 23rd) my husband always tries to make some fun plans for us to make it extra special for me.

One of the highlights for me was a trip into London to use our wedding vouchers in Selfridges and best of all see Aladdin in the West End. It’s our favourite Disney film and one we watched when we first started dating so brings back a lot of memories. Seeing all the twinkly Christmas lights along Oxford & Regents street added to the magic of the day.

-Ready to shop till we drop-

-Waiting for the show to start-

We spent lots of quality time with family & friends with all the food! You just can’t beat that time between Christmas & New Year when you go on lots of walks, have cosy afternoons on the sofa and each day blurs into one. I really didn’t want it all to end.

-Frosty Walks-

-Cheese & Wine night-
We made a gingerbread house (one of our annual traditions) whilst watching The Holiday. It was such a perfect evening 💓

On New Year’s Day we went ice skating which I was slightly apprehensive about. Ian’s been asking me to go for years but I’ve always chickened out. This time round I was brave which I’m so happy about as we had so much fun. I managed to fall over once and was sweating buckets but I will definitely be doing it again.  
-Skating with my love-

How was your Christmas? We've been back at work this week, Christmas now feels like so long ago!

Gemma x

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