12 March 2017

Living Room Update

Since moving in to our house just over a year ago, we've slowly been getting rid of our 'make do' furniture and buying bits that are truly us. Our living room is our main focus at the moment, with only a few more purchases left to make until we are happy with the room.

One thing that has been on our list for ages is a tripod floor lampWe weren't sure which colour to choose as we wanted one to compliment the tones of the room. We took a bit of a risk and went with a darker wood. Once we put it up we knew we made the right choice. The darker wood and brass finish really adds some warmth and richness to the space. We tend to lean towards off whites and neutrals in the living room so the tripod lamp adds a nice feature. In the evening we prefer to use side lamps as they create a nice relaxed atmosphere. As the tripod lamp is fairly sizable compared to the other lamps in the room it benefits not only the ambient lighting but also provides good task lighting i.e helps me to get cosy whilst reading a good book.

Next on the list is a little armchair that will compliment our sofa. I've been on the hunt for a cute armchair for ages and always pop into Homesense on the off chance of finding one there. We've since found one we like in John Lewis and now just need to decide which fabric to choose. Which one do you think? 

One more thing I'd like to change soon is our rug. Who knew that choosing a rug could be so difficult?? I've looked all over the shops and haven't found one that I like that is also within the budget. Of course Pinterest has lots of beauties to offer but most of these are from America :( The search continues...

Sources via Pinterest
Hopefully I can report back soon to show off our finished(!) living room.

Gemma xXx

This blog post is in collaboration with First Choice Lighting :)


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